Whether you need help finding something special for a big event or a complete overhaul to your entire  wardrobe we can help. Our personalized style sessions will asses your current style needs and provide an action plan for you to take your wardrobe to the next level.  We are capable of working in any style genre. Contact us today to take your look to from drab to fab!

Great Taste Design Company offers a variety of after school programs that help increase girls self esteem and self efficacy as well as giving them a positive and creative outlet. A list of programs are below. Don't see something you need. Contact us to see if we can design a custom program for your school or youth group.

Beauty Within

The Beauty Within series is an 8-week program that teaches tolerance, kindness, how to embrace your uniqueness, and be proud of who you are.  Girls will also explore the importance of having strong values, self-confidence, and how to be assertive in lieu of being passive or aggressive.

I Am

The I Am series is an 8-week program that encourages participants not to be swayed by negative peer or media pressures. Participants also take a close look at themselves, seeing themselves and the world around them more clearly. Through this series girls learn to develop talents, positive interests, strong character, be proud of who they are, and recognize their importance in the world

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an 8-week program that teaches the importance of planning, making positive choices, and always doing your best. We are all familiar with the saying " No one plans to fail, they fail to plan." This program helps students understand that success is a process that consists of both vision and action. Students will obtain strategies for self- motivation and learn how to apply it to every aspect of their lives.


The 8- Week sisterhood series teaches the importance of effective and respectful communication. This program also gives participants techniques for dealing with stress, dealing with emotions, and discourages relational aggressive behaviors. Participants will learn about respect, the benefits of demonstrating positives attitudes, maturity, self- esteem, and forgiveness.

Sew Creative

This 12-week series provides students with opportunities to learn valuable sewing skills that could benefit them now or later in life. With home economics being pulled from schools, many students are not getting the chance to learn this skill. Sew Creative introduces participants to sewing, project planning, making presentations and creative thinking. At the end of the program, participants host a showcase to display their projects to guardians, faculty, and peers.

Individuality Through Art

This 12-week series helps students develop leadership skills and eliminates group think. Students learn project planning, presentations skills and public speaking through the art of clothing design. Students will enjoy designing their own clothing line representing themselves and their interests. Participants  present their design projects to guardians, faculty, and peers during an "Individuality Celebration" at the end of the program. Students will demonstrate what skills they developed in leadership, self-esteem, and project planning. This program also encourages positive decision- making through artistic expression.

Great Taste Design Company puts fashion on stage, showcasing the best designers and entertainers in the area. Our unique blend of fashion and theater makes us the #1 source for fashion entertainment  in the Delaware Valley.

Fashion Camp is a program sponsored by Great Taste Design Company that provides girls ages 7-13 sewing, design, leadership, and life skills. Each day of camp offers participants a variety of opportunities to create, discover, and increase skills in a fun all girl format. Participants have the opportunity to design and produce several take home projects. Locations in Wilmington and Dover, Delaware. Volunteer opportunities available for high school students.



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Having a seminar or workshop? De'Yanna Yancey-Harris, CEO of Great Taste Design Company will provide a unique message of empowerment for your guests. Her topics include entrepreneurship, dressing for success, makeovers inside out, goal setting, and self-efficacy.