Great Girl Celebration


Great Taste Design Company Partners with Great Taste Design Foundation to host an annual Girls Empowerment Celebration.  This is a celebration of the talents and accomplishments of Girls throughout the State of Delaware. The evening is filled with performances, special tributes, awards for scholarship recipients, silent auction, and much more.The ceremony is held in Middletown, DE



Fashion Camp is a program sponsored by Great Taste Design Company  that provides girls ages 7-13 sewing, design, leadership, and life skills. Each day of camp offers participants a variety of opportunities to create, discover, and increase skills in a fun all girl format. Participants have the opportunity to design and produce several take home projects. Located in Wilmington and Dover Delaware.



Mrs. Yancey loves presenting for ALL groups, but she is particularly passionate as a motivator  for women and youth. She's an engageing and creative keynote speaker with a strong empowerment message. Her warm, genuine and entertaining workshops combine thought-provoking content, relatable anecdotes, and practical strategies that leave participants energized and inspired.

Great Taste Design Company is the creation of De'Yanna Yancey-Harris,or (Ms. D), as she’s known by her students. She has been drawing since a very early age. She still remembers her first fashion sketches at age 7. Proud of her work, and enjoying the happiness drawing activities brought her, she realized she wanted to pursue a career where she could continue to use her creative talents.

She has an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design and Bachelors Degree in Organizational Dynamics. Her degree in Organizational Dynamics has granted her the opportunity to win a Regional award which she received for the ability to motivate and inspire teams. Her degree in Fashion Design has granted her the opportunity to work in theater, music videos, as a fashion designer, fashion stylist, and with wardrobe in an independent film. Throughout her career she has worked with various music artist including R&B artist Monica and pop sensation Akon. Mrs. Yancey- Harris also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and her culmination of skills and degrees have afforded her the opportunity to plan an accomplish many programs and endeavors. 

Working in the fashion and entertainment industry was a double edge sword for Ms.Yancey. She describes it as being both exciting and complicated. Exciting because she had the opportunity to work in a creative environment daily and complicated because the industry is overly obsessed with brand names, materialism, and superficiality. She is also bothered by the medias unhealthy obsession with objectifying women and the effect it has on young girls. In 2004, with the birth of her first daughter, she realized she needed to do what she could to take a stand against the problems caused by negative messages being taught by the fashion/entertainment industry. In 2007, she began devoting her time to working with young women on goal setting, self-esteem, friendship building, media awareness, and other important life skills. Ms. D. is able to work with her students, helping them navigate positively through the struggles of being a girl in today’s society while giving them creative skills that can help them throughout the rest of their lives. Her motto, “You have the power to design your life, style, and happiness”, empowers girls to think for themselves and make positive decisions throughout their life. She is passionate about youth outreach and enjoys seeing the confidence that girls gain from attending her workshops. She is committed to being a valuable resource for female empowerment and devotes Great Taste Design Company to providing positive programming for the community.


Great Taste Design Company Partners with Great Taste Design Foundation to host an annual scholarship.  The Great Girls Scholarship, a program of fiscal sponsor Humanitarian Social Innovations, honors girls in seventh through twelfth grade for their accomplishments in seven categories. The scholarship is open to 7th-12th grade girls throughout the state of Delaware who attend public or chater school. Award categories include: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Entreprenuership, Philanthrophy, and Leadership.




Great TAste Design Company



We’re always open to new opportunities to partner to strengthen the community. Contact us to bring a camp, a show, or a workshop to your location. We can discuss your needs and parenting possibilities.



GTDC offers a variety of girls life skills programing for

schools for and non profit organizations. Workshop

series last from 4 to 8 weeks and cover topics such as self esteem, goal setting, sisterhood, etiquette, and self efficacy.Contact us today to discus how we can enhance your next empowerment conference or special event.